Screening Online DatesOnline dating is no longer considered “taboo” or a rare way of meeting new potential lifelong partners. Instead, online dating has become the modern way of meeting friends, significant others and even marriage material. When you are thinking of online dating or if you already have a date planned in person from someone you have met while talking online, screening your online dates can help to ensure you have a pleasant experience and outing, regardless of what you are looking for in the date.

Conducting a Bit of Research Using Search Engines
Before you plan to meet someone you have been talking with or building a relationship with online, be sure to utilize search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo! to find out as much information as possible about the person you plan to go on a date with together. Searching for a name or email address on Google can help to find various profiles and internet history.

You can also use search engines to browse for usernames that are relevant to the person you have been chatting with to get even more information on the person behind the screen.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage
You can use social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter to find more information and personal details about the person you are interested in dating. Biographies, mutual friends, interests and more are available on social networking sites which can help you to determine whether or not you are compatible with whoever you are chatting with from home.

Ask for Updated Pictures
Meeting someone new can be exciting, especially if you are romantically or sexually interested in the person you are chatting with online. When you want to ensure you are attracted to the person you are speaking with, asking for updated pictures can help. Photos of only the person’s face may signify that they are uncomfortable with their body shape and size. Asking for a full-sized photo can give you a better view of anyone you are interested in online.

If photos appear too small, blurry and hard to see, this can mean the person is not who he or she says they are, or that they are not comfortable with how they may currently look. Updated photos will allow you to build trust with the relationship that is developing as well.

Reading Profiles, Thoroughly
Read any profile of someone you are interested in thoroughly. If you consider spelling and grammar important, profiles that are more frivolous and incomplete may not mesh well with your own personality. Reading another’s profile can help you to gain insight on communication style and type and whether or not you are truly compatible enough to meet in person.

Using Voice and Video Chats Before Meeting
Phone ConversationBefore you plan to meet face to face with someone you have met online, first ask to chat using an IM (instant messaging) service that offers voice and/or video chat features like Skype, Google Talk or Apple FaceTime. When you are talking with someone using an IM service, you can gauge personality and whether or not he or she demands attention over time. Online video chats are even better as they enable you to get a clear idea of the person you want to meet. Feeling entirely comfortable with someone’s personality and habits is highly recommended before meeting in person to avoid an awkward or uncomfortable night out.